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AM invites a complete rethink in the approach to heat exchanger design, and thus demands a clean sheet approach with a whole new set of skills and expertise. 

We have designed bespoke heat exchangers across many industries; motorsport, aerospace, defence, automotive, oil & gas and microelectronics. We have developed a diverse range of applications including; pre-coolers, charge air coolers, oil-water, and cold plate micro-electronics coolers, auxiliary coolers, inverter/motor coolers and even air dryers for industrial equipment. 

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Additive manufactured heat exchanger experts 

ABOVE: The video above shows some of the work Conflux does in developing components and inspecting and analysing the as built results.

Inch wide, mile deep describes our laser sharp focus on our core competence: AM heat exchangers. 

The challenge of efficient heat transfer is ubiquitous and has been with us since the dawn of the first industrial revolution. Now, thanks to the design freedoms offered through metal AM, we have the opportunity to significantly improve heat transfer efficiencies in all machines across the globe. 

Our enabling technology, AM, is a nascent platform technology that requires fundamental understanding or mastery for its potential to increase the efficiency of heat transfer to be realised. 

Design expertise and AM mastery 

Our expertise lies in the unique combination of AM design, computational heat transfer simulation and AM process knowledge. 

We use engineering first principles and an agile project management approach to exceed customer expectations. Customers realise the benefits with quality, performance, cost and lead time improvements. 

Engineered solutions – from problem definition to series production 

We meet our customers along their journey from problem definition through application development to post-production support. We consistently realise focused application development through: 

  • Rapid development sprints – Design, simulate, analyse, repeat 
  • Detailed CAD modelling – from concept models to production drawings 
  • CFD simulation – detailed insights into performance characteristics 
  • FEA simulations to inform designs to meet durability requirements 
  • Design of test specimens to confirm AM buildability of geometry 
  • Design of experiments to validate simulated performance 
  • Correlation of simulated performance with physical test results 
  • Study of AM specific characteristics such as surface roughness effects 
  • Design and production of statistical process control builds 
  • Series production of AM components 

Realising the future now

Conflux as an engineering organisation was born in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our processes are underpinned by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

We have data driven insights into our designs and our manufacturing processes that can be remotely monitored and modified, in real time, in lights-off facilities distributed around the globe. 

Cyber-secured contracts recorded on distributed ledgers can simultaneously manage orders, production volumes, ensure quality, protect IP and process payments. We are realising the future now. 

How we began

Conflux’s very existence arose from this industry when our founder Michael Fuller, revolutionised the design and manufacture of heat exchangers. After more than fifteen years as a senior engineer in the European motorsport industry, where Michael was a designer of championship-winning Formula One, World Rally and Le Mans prototype race cars.

Working in the innovation hot bed of Formula 1, and experiencing the restrictions of heat exchanger performance Michael devised a concept to utilise the early technology of metal additive manufacturing to fundamentally change the design and performance of heat exchangers.

Now we work across many industries & applications pushing the limits of heat transfer and additive manufacturing, creating part geometries unique to this technology. Conflux began in 2017 with 3 founding personnel, led by Michael. The expanding team is now led by a team of experts from key areas of specialty. Who is on our team?

“the Conflux team has impressively demonstrated how well it understands metal AM technology. Complex structures in challenging environments require not only the highest standard of machine technology to produce parts, but also the best engineering skills to design the right products.”


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